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Melatta is the perfect option for people that are interested in making a smooth transition to a plant-based diet and are not willing to change the appearance, taste, texture or nutrition of their staple groceries.

The v-gurt yogurt and Melatta spreads are the perfect expressions of textures and colors combined to bring you a complete taste in every oz.

We are not only here to offer variety to the plant-based community we are here to help you make that change-over to a healthier lifestyle

We are the only comercial alternative food brand in the market where consumers do not have to sacrifice taste, texture or nutritional value to get what they like but better. 

Making almost imperceptible the transition to a healthier, happier and more sustainable style of living. 

Melatta, Inc., is a woman-owned company founded in August, 2016 by Chef Denise Iannini and Andres Lombana in Groveland, Florida. It was founded with a profound desire to transform lives by giving healthier and sustainable food choices.

At that time in Colombia, the government and the guerrilla narco group FARC were negotiating a political and social peace agreement, which would put an end to 50 years of internal war and drug trafficking. Melatta was inspired by the idea of supporting farmers who enrolled in the peace agreement in 2016. These farmers were previously harvesting coca leaves used to make cocaine. To support their new legal venture, Melatta will buy raw materials: fruit, and cereals.

Colombia has a small economy and expensive distribution charges. Chef Denise realized that selling the Melatta spreads (the company’s first product) in Bogota wasn’t going to make a big enough impact on the ex-FARC farming community. Without enough financial incentives and opportunities, the peace agreement could fail. Denise and her husband, Andres, moved to the United States, the biggest economy in the world.

With hard work and the free trade agreement, Melatta will purchase in big quantities some of the ingredients called peace products or legal farming from these vulnerable communities who need legal business opportunities and continued support so that, eventually, the cycle of illegality and suffering will end.

So, the Investment visa application began. Chef Denise and Andres established Melatta Inc. and its factory in Groveland, Florida. The US government believed in their project and approved it. Melatta started selling spreads at local farmers’ markets. We learned what the American population likes, and focused the recipes on their requests. Now all Melatta products are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, palm oil-free and plant based, naturally sweet with no refined sugar, and all without sacrificing texture or flavor.

Medium size retailers like Earth Fare and Lucky’s Market welcomed Melatta. These wonderful mid-size stores gave us the necessary experience to understand the food business and bring the yogurt and fruit spreads mainstream for you to enjoy!

Melatta is committed to supporting the peace agreement, Melatta is committed with your wellness, Melatta is committed with our planet.

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You need to know the (Nutrition) Facts

Melatta doesn’t have any preservatives,
artificial flavor or coloring. They’re all natural!

& Pineapple

Organic coconut cream, pineapple, organic coconut oil, pectin, stevia, erythritol, vanilla extract, vitamin C, calcium, sunflower lecithin


Coconut and sunflower lecithin

Passion Fruit
& Guava

Guava, organic coconut cream, passion fruit, organic coconut oil, Panela, erythritol, citrus pectin, tara gum, tumeric, vitamin C, sunflower lecithin, pure stevia


Coconut, sunflower lecithin.

White Chocolate
& Berries

Strawberry, organic coconut cream, raspberry, monk fruit, agave, organic coconut oil, vanilla extract, citrus pectin, erythritol, tara gum, sunflower lecithin, pure stevia


Coconut, Sunflower lecithin.

Super exotic flavor!! Both flavors are beyond believe!! please send me a pair every week!!!

Annie and her twins

White Chocolate and berries… A spoon please!!

Melo Sisters

Two Belgians got to meet this wonderful young lady with her delicious Melatta spreads. Instant fans!
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